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"PRASAD'S NEUROSPECIALITY CLINIC", has been established in the year 2004, with an objective of providing affordable, comprehensive, convenient Neurological health services under one roof. There is an emphasis in preventive aspect of Neurological health too. We will make every effort not only to diagnose and treat Neurological problems but also to provide comprehensive knowledge to the patient to be able to manage a particular Neurological Problem.


The present day corporate health care is expensive, guided primarily  by  business principles. Here is a day care Neurological centre with a highly experienced Neurologist, state of the art, equipment and facility for Neurological Diagnosis at affordable and competitive price.


you find a friendly atmosphere and guidance. The Neurological problem after a diagnosis would be clearly explained and handouts will be given wherever possible for Do's and Dont's on many common Neurological Health Problems.


At every stage, your expectation will be met in terms of providing a proper answer for your health problem with humanism empathy and minimising tests required to arrive at a proper diagnosis. The treatment  and diagnosis would be tailored to Individual, Professional, Occupational financial needs. Proper guidance will be provided for management of the disease at home.


The Clinic works with a motto of "CARE, CONCERN & COMPASSION", showing the way that Neurology care should be practised.


The Clinic facilities are such that  Diagnostic care, Physiotherapy are in the premises and a Pharmacy functions near by for the convenience of Patients.The Patients saves lot of time in this day care Neurological centre.

Our users

Patients with Stroke ( Paralysis )  including the patients who develop :
  1. Sudden Speech Disturbance.,
  2. Sudden Loss of Vision .,
  3. Sudden Double Vision.,
  4. Sudden Numbness of One Sided Limbs.,
  5. Sudden Imbalance, Reeling of Head or Swallowing Difficulty.,
  6. Sudden Weakness of One Sided Limbs.
  1. Patients with Epilepsy ( Fits ).,
  2. Patients with Headache Disorders.,
  3. Patients with Sudden Headache or Chronic Daily Headache; Migraine and Other Vascular Headache Disorders.,
  4. Patients with Movement Disorders.,
  5. Patients with Nervous Weakness.,
  6. Patients with Parkinson's Disease.,
  7. Patients with Abnormal Posture ( Dystonia ).,
  8. Patients with Giddiness, Reeling or Spinning sensation , Vertigo.
  1. Patients with Tremors ( Tremulousness or Shaking of various parts of body ).,
  2. Patients with Low Back Pain and Neck Pain because of Spondolysis and Disc Disorders ( Slipped Disc ).,
  3. Patients with infections of Brain, Spinalcord and Nerves.,
  4. Patients with Primary Muscle Disease ( Muscular Dystrophy ).,
  5. Patients with Multiple Sclerosis.,
  6. Patients with Myasthenia Gravis .


Prasad's Neurospeciality Clinics

Shop # 13, First Floor, Sreeman Rama Towers, Beside Swagath Restaurant, Opp. to Kalanikethan Saree Mall, Chaitanyapuri 'X"Roads, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad-500060, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

For Appointments: 040-65409481 & (0) 9848719481 Time to take one day Prior Appointment: 10AM-1pm & 6:00PM-09:00PM.

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